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Detailed planning

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Food during the championship

We offer breakfast and luch at the world championships.But you have to order and pay this in advance.
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The registration fee is 55€.   For late registrations ( from monday july 27 ) the fee is 75 €.

The registrations close on sunday August 9.



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Press Release

2015 Maasmechelen Recumbent World Championships

August 2015 will see the Flemish city of Maasmechelen host the Recumbent World Championships. The Belgian association of recumbent riders, HPV Belgium, will receive over a hundred competitors in a varied racing programme over a three day time span. Recumbent racers throughout the world will travel to this East-Belgian city to compare man and machine to its closest competitors.

Under the flag of the World Human Powered Vehicle Association, WHPVA, and organised by HPV Belgium, the city of Maasmechelen will be the background for a world level showdown in the weekend of 21, 22 and 23 of august 2015. Gent 2000 and Zolder 2007 make Maasmechelen 2015 the third time Belgium hosts this very extraordinary event. Riders from allover the world will gather in Limburg to defend their chances for the honour. The race programme includes a criterium, a one hundred kilometre race en several sprinting numbers. The organisation strives to offer an interesting range of activities for non-racers and supporters.

Maasmechelen, a municipality amalgamated from 5 former mining communities, is situated in the east of the Flemish province of Limburg. Thru the many guest workers from Italy, Greece and Turkey that manned the Limburg coal mines in the past, the diversity of international restoration and food suppliers brings a very mediterranean aspect to the town centre. The development of two large outletcentres in recent years, Maasmechelen did put itself on the map as a regional and international centre of commerce. Cycling is also excellent around here. The Limburg Cycling Network has several connections from Maasmechelen to visit the many mining villages along the river Meuse. Add the nearby National Park Hoge Kempen and the 'dutch mountains' just across the border to complete the scenic picture. For those who love their history, traces of the industrial mining heritage are a plenty.

The 2015 Recumbent World Championships are housed at the League One Football Club Patro Eisden stadium. They offer us toilets, hot showers and a large field to accommodate camping for tents, caravans and camper vans. Might you prefer the luxury of a proper bed, within a few kilometres from the stadium you'll find 2 hotels, 5 bed & breakfast facilities and 5 recreational houses. If you are looking for a longer stay we have 2 campsites in the area. All start/finish-locations are within a mile from the stadium, therefore creating a compact racing zone that offers riders a chance to optimise their preparation and their supporters and audience an opportunity to enjoy as much as possible of all the events.

The engineering, the innovation and the guts to do things out of the box. That's what makes riding a recumbent so special. The 2015 Maasmechelen Recumbent World Championship will, as ever, be so much more than just who's legs perform best on the day. More than ever man and machine will unite to compete against the common laws of physics. To perform to the highest of standards. We strongly hope you will join us in august? For more information on the location, the races and all the latest news on the 2015 Maasmechelen Recumbent World Championships we refer to our website.

First information

In 2015  Hpv Belgium will organise the worldchampionship for the third time.

The championship will take place on 21, 22 and 23 august 2015 in Maasmechelen

The following races will be held

    200m sprint
    1000m sprint
    1 hour race
    100 km race

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